The Sample Quest:
The Lost Book

I’ve come up with a simple quest to make in this tutorial. I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote down when I thought it up. This is written from a “playing” point of view, rather than a modding point of view. Basically, I write down how I want it to flow in-game. The tutorial will cover how to implement it in the CS.

Quest Name: The Lost Book

  1. 1. Quest: Find a rare book that the NPC lost
    2. Reward: Gold
    3. Steps:

1. Introduction and Background
2. General Quest-Creation Tips
3. The Sample Quest
3.a. Adding the NPC
3.b. Adding the Book
3.c. The Dialogue Window
3.c.i. Journal Entries
3.c.ii. Greetings
3.c.iii. Topics
3.d. The Script
4. Testing Your Mod
5. Additional Tweaks
6. What Tribunal Added
7. Final Notes
8. Glossary and Links

    1. a. Player talks to NPC (quest-giver), who mentions she is upset about something. NPC is located in the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora. NPC is Madera Hleran, a female dark elf.

    2. b. Player can ask what NPC is upset about.

    3. c. NPC explains that she misplaced a rare book that is worth a lot of money.

    4. d. If PC asks about it, NPC will offer a reward if you could find her copy of this book (only hers will do). She also gives a hint on where she remembers last having it. (Ald-Ruhn, Mage’s guild). (Journal entry)

    5. e. Book is located in one of the 2nd floor bedrooms in the Ald-Ruhn mage’s guild, under the bed. (Journal entry)

    6. f. Bring the book back to quest-giver, quest-giver gives reward, likes the PC more, and now will greet the PC differently. (Journal entry)

Now that we know what we want the game to do, let’s get started on the quest! The purpose of starting with a simple quest like this is that it covers many of the basics of dialogue and journal entries that you’ll use in ANY quest in the future. There’s even a tiny bit of item creation and scripting involved, but don’t worry! I’ll take you through it step by step. First, open the CS, and load the Morrowind.esm file. We won’t need Tribunal.esm or Bloodmoon.esm for this one.


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